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Perfume Bottle 1 0036 V1

Contemporary grey/black Murano Bullicante ball perfume bottle

Code: AMS1323

Perfume Bottle 2 0044 V1

Contemporary grey/black Murano Bullicante tall perfume bottle

Code: AMS1322

Ball Ceiling Light 177 V1

American handblown colourful glass pendant

Code: LC1314

Romeo Rega Bar Trolley 2 064 V1

1970s chrome and brass Italian drinks trolley attributed to Romeo Rega

Code: FT1313

Brass Desk Lamp 151 V1

American mid-century brass articulating desk lamp by Koch and Lowy

Code: LT1308

Rose Pink Lamp 164 V1

American 1950s pale pink jewel lamp

Code: LT1307

Walnut Table Lamps 110 V1

Pair of tall mid-century modern American walnut and brass table lamps

Code: TL1306

Steve Chase Pharmacy Floor Tables 141 V1

Pair of mid-century US adjustable chrome pharmacy floor lamps by US decorator and designer Steve Chase

Code: FL1305

Chrome Serving Trolleybar Cart 072 V1

Large American chrome serving/drinks trolley

Code: FT1304