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Italian Brass And Marble Wall Console 19 0142 V1

1950s French wall mounted brass and marble console

Code: FT1407

Italian Oval Brass Trolley 19 0121 V1

1950s Italian oval brass drinks trolley

Code: FT1406

Italian Oval Mirror Dressing Table 0008 V1

Italian 1950s brass and ’star' glass dressing-table

Code: FD1255

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French 1970s Maison Jansen chest of drawers designed by Alain Delon

Code: FT1373

Maison Jensen Console 148 V1

French 1980s Maison Jansen console table designed by Alain Delon

Code: FT1367

Romeo Rega Bar Trolley 2 064 V1

1970s chrome and brass Italian drinks trolley attributed to Romeo Rega

Code: FT1313

Inlaid Table Circular 004 V1

Mid-century Taj Mahal Anglo-Indian rosewood side table

Code: FT1300

American Bar Trolley 1 056 V1

American 1970s brass tubular drinks trolley

Code: FT1298

Charles Hollis Side Tables 032 V1

Mid-Century Lucite and polished nickel 'Metric' side tables by Charles Hollis Jones

Code: FT1297

Agate Tables 012 V1

Pair of 1980s red agate side tables

Code: FT1268

Italian Marble Topped Dressing Table 0068 V1

1950s Italian marble topped dressing-table

Code: FT1252

Italian Brass Drinks Trolley 042 V1

Italian 1950s brass drinks trolley

Code: FT1271

Italian Oval Table 063 V1

1950s Italian brass and glass oval table

Code: FT1270

Mother Of Pearl Valerie Wade 0035 V1

Syrian Mother-of-pearl chest of five drawers

Code: FC392

Us Whiskey Bar 0128 V1

US vintage Mid-century portable whiskey bar set

Code: AMS1253

Jean Michel Frank Games Table 077 V1

1938 iron and leather bridge/games table by Jean-Michel Frank

Code: FT1206

Jean Michel Frank Benches 0104 V1

Mid-1930s tables from the collection of Jose Pepe Tivoli, founding partner of Comte

Code: FT1203

Italian Brass Stool 20210225 Valerie Wade 2 092 V1

1950s Italian brass stool

Code: FS1207

Italian Nest Of Tables 0659

Italian 1970s brass nest of three tables

Code: FT1170

Armchairs Style Shot

Pair of 1980s English cream and cherry-wood occasional chairs in the style of Biedermeier

Code: FS1153

Italian 1970S Drinks Trolley 02

Italian 1970s chrome and glass drinks trolley by Orsenigo

Code: FT1120

Us Circular Chrome Drinks Trolley 01

American 1970s chrome circular drinks/ serving trolley

Code: FT1117

Mother Of Pearl Tallboy 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl tallboy

Code: FC32

Brass Chair Purple Upholstered Seat 01

Italian 1960’s brass occasional chair

Code: FS1009

Pair Red Velvet Chairs 01

Pair of 1950s Italian red velvet occasional chairs

Code: FS898

Valerie Wade Ft039 Moon Disc Drum Table 01

Moon mirror and brass circular disc occasional table

Code: FT39

Nest Of Brass Tables 01

Nest of 1960s Italian brass side tables

Code: FT727

Venice Dressing Table 1

Mirrored 'Venice' dressing-table / desk

Code: FD56

Sophia Dt 1

Mirrored 'Sophia' dressing-table

Code: FD55

Valerie Wade Fc303 Venice Chest Drawers Faceted Crystal Handles 01

Mirrored Venice chest-of-drawers with crystal handles

Code: FC303

Valerie Wade Fc472 Mother Of Pearl Side Cabinet 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl side cabinet

Code: FC472

Italian Triple Mirror Dressing Table 0047 V2

1950s Italian ’star' dressing-table with triptych mirror

Code: FD1254

Bamboo Serving Trolley Valerie Wade 0071 V1

1970s Swedish bamboo and rattan drinks/serving trolley

Code: FT1244

Chrome Serving Trolleybar Cart 072 V1

Large American chrome serving/drinks trolley

Code: FT1304

Jmf Leather Desk 01

1930's desk by Jean-Michel Frank

Code: FT1113

Gold American Drinks Trolley 01

1970s rich gold American decorative drinks trolley / bar cart

Code: FT1044

Us Chrome Brass Trolley 01

1970s US drinks/serving trolley by Milo Baughman

Code: FT957

Us Brass Nest Of Tables 1 Final

American 1970s nest of three brass tables

Code: FT1132

Valerie Wade Fc030 Sophia Bedside Table 01

mirrored 'Sophia' bedside table

Code: FC30

Venice Bedside Table 01

Mirrored 'Venice' bedside table with crystal handles

Code: FC31

Valerie Wade Fc473 Mother Of Pearl 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl furniture

Code: FC473

Valerie Wade Ams638 1950S Italian Drinks Trolley 01

Italian 1950s drinks trolley

Code: AMS638

Pair Black Glass Cabinets 02

Pair of 1970s Italian black glass chest-of-drawers

Code: FT1025

Italian Brass Dressing Table 01

1950s polka dot Italian dressing-table with triptych mirror

Code: FDT896

Italian Maple Dressing Table 01

1960s Italian dressing-table

Code: FD1048

Pair Us Wicker Armchairs 01

Pair of imposing 1980s American wicker chairs

Code: FS1125

Maison Jansen Bamboo Trolley 01

1960's French brass and bamboo drinks trolley/ bar cart by Maison Jansen

Code: FT1119

Valerie Wade 0621 Pair 1970S Italian Black Glass Cabinets 01

Pair of 1970s Italian black glass cabinets

Code: FC621

Pair Of 1940S Painted Bedsides 01 Vw

Italian 1940s pear wood side tables by Osvaldo Borsani

Code: FC786

Yellow Armchairs I 2

Pair of French 1960's creamy/yellow leather club chairs

Code: FS672

Pair Jewelled Cabinets 01

Pair of 1980s Italian brass and black and amber glass 'jewelled' chest-of-drawers

Code: FC1112

Valerie Wade Ft312 1950S Italian Brass Coffee Table01

1950s Italian brass coffee table

Code: FT312

Nesting Tables 01

French 1970s nest of tables

Code: FT818

Valerie Wade Faux Bamboo Coffee Table –1

Set of 1950s Italian brass 'bamboo' tables

Code: FT717

Valerie Wade Italian Black Cabinet –1

1970's black chest-of-drawers

Code: FT711

Valerie Wade 1950S Italian Bookcase 1

Italian 1970s shelving system/room divider by Romeo Rega

Code: FT709

Circular Brass Trolley 01

1950s US circular drinks trolley

Code: FT915

Bow Glass Console 20210126 Valerie Wade 0220 V1

Mid-century Lucite 'Bow' console table

Code: FT1195

Pair Caramel Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1960s caramel glass chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FT1104

Circular Drinks Trolley 01

1950s Italian brass circular drinks trolley / bar cart

Code: FT1099

Paolo Buffa Blue Velvet Armchair 01

Italian 1950s high backed deep blue armchair by Paolo Buffa

Code: FS1022

Italian Glass And Brass Side Tables 054 V1

Pair of Italian 1950s heavy glass and brass side tables

Code: FT1272

Mastercraft Cabinet 02 Best

Tall 1970s US Mastercraft brass display cabinet

Code: FC912

Valerie Wade Two Upholstered Stools 01

Pair of Italian Dressing-Table Stools

Code: FS693

Valerie Wade Fc661 1970S Italian Mirrored Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1970's mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC661

Pair Marble Topped Side Tables 01

Pair of 1950s Italian marble-topped side tables

Code: FT1013

Valerie Wade Fc664 1980S Italian Double Width Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1980s double width chest-of-drawers

Code: FC664

Valerie Wade Ft586 1970S Us Lucite Brass Console Table 01

1970s US lucite and brass console table

Code: FT586

Valerie Wade Ft578 Pair 1970S Chrome Brass Sides Tables01

Pair of 1970s American rectangular chrome and brass side tables

Code: FT578

Italian Side Tables 2

Pair of Italian 1950s brass and glass side tables

Code: FT636

Marble Topped Dressing Table 01

1950s Italian marble and brass dressing-table

Code: FDT874

Deco Dressing Table 02

Large 1960s deco style Italian cream and green lacquered dressing-table

Code: FD961

Valerie Wade Fd0524 1950S Italian Dressing Table Fratelli De Capitani 01

1950s Italian dressing-table by Capitani

Code: FD524


Italian 1950s sofa by Carlo de Carli

Code: FS465

Brass Trolley Smoked Glass 01

Italian 1950s curved brass drinks trolley

Code: FT883

1960S Italian Brass Chrome Coffee Talbe 01

1960s Italian rectangular brass and chrome coffee table

Code: FT998

Pair Of Us Side Tables 0087 V1

US 1960s marble, gold and glass side tables

Code: FT1256

French Low Back Seat

1950s French low-back seat with VW Design fabric

Code: FS564

Italian Antique Mirror Bedsides 0007

Pair of antique mirror and brass chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FT1164

Pair Italian 50S Bedsides 01

Pair of 1960s Italian bedside tables

Code: FC871

Valerie Wade Ams656 1950S Italian Brass Drinks Trolley 01

1950s Italian brass drinks trolley

Code: AMS656

Valerie Wade Ams653 1950S French Bamboo Drinks Trolley 01

1950s French bamboo drinks trolley

Code: AMS653

Italian Coat Stand 01

Mid-Century Modern Italian black metal and chrome coat rack and umbrella stand

Code: AM1154

Carmichael Lucite Stool 01

American Lucite stool by Carmichael

Code: FS983

Carmichael Lucite Bench 01

American 1980's Lucite bench with green seat by Carmichael Designs

Code: FS982

Indian Dowry Chest 01A

Early-1900s back-painted dowry chest from Inida's Rajasthan or Gujarat region

Code: FC1147

American Brass Drinks Trolley 01

1970s Vintage American trolley

Code: FT1057

1970S American Chrome Trolley 01

1970s American chrome and Lucite drinks/serving trolley

Code: FT1052

Hollywood Shelving Unit Styed Shot

American 1970s Hollywood Regency brass and glass shelving unit

Code: FT1049

Red Stools Main

Pair of Italian 1960s stools

Code: FS827

Brass Dressing Table Main Image

1950s Italian 'polka dot' dressing-table

Code: FD825

Cream Bedsides Main

1960s Italian cream bedside chests

Code: FB823

Black Drinks Trolley Main

Black drinks trolley

Code: A822

Pink Velvet Armchairs And Pouf 02

Italian 1950s pale pink velvet armchairs

Code: FS963

Us Brass Desk And Stools 01

1970s US double desk/console/dressing-table with two stools

Code: FT949

Pair Parchment Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1950s marbled parchment bedsides

Code: FC962

Chrome Shleves 01 Vw

1980s US chrome column display unit

Code: FT794

1950S Italian Pinkblack Chest 01

Stylish 1970s Italian chest-of-drawers

Code: FC937

Fluffy Pink Brass Stool 01

US 1970s brass, fluffy pink stool

Code: FS990

Paolo Buffa Credenza 01 Vw

Italian 1940s credenza by Osvaldo Borsani

Code: FC787