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Pair Italian Black Glass Bedsides 01 Vw

Pair of Italian 1970s black glass chest-of-drawers

Code: FC768

Pair Italian Painted Bedsides 01

Pair of 1950s Italian Bedside Tables

Code: FT767

Italian Dressing Table 01

Unusual 1950s Italian demi-lune sideboard/dressing-table

Code: FDT766

Brass Chrome Coffee Table 01 Vw

Impressive 1960s square coffee table by Nucci Valsecchi

Code: FT756

Pair Black Lacquer Bedsides –1

Italian 1950s black lacquered bedside-tables

Code: FC724

Willy Rizzo Coffee Table V Org L

1970s Chrome and brass coffee table by Willy Rizzo

Code: FT712

Valerie Wade Faux Bamboo Side Table 01

French 1950s 'bamboo' coffee table

Code: FT714

Valerie Wade Italian Black Cabinet –1

1970's black chest-of-drawers

Code: FT711

Valerie Wade Italian Wooden Cabinet Website

1950s Italian cabinet attributed to Sottsass

Code: FC701

French Tables

Pair of French 1960s glass and brass side tables

Code: FT625

Nest Of Brass Tables 01

Nest of 1960s Italian Brass Side Tables

Code: FT727

Pierre Vandel Nest Tables 01

Nest of tables by Pierre Vandel

Code: FT500

Valerie Wade Ft421 1970S Extending Dining Table Milo Baughman 01

1970s Dining table by Milo Baughman

Code: FT421

1930S Comte Mirrored Dt I 1

Mirrored dressing-table by Comte

Code: FD684

1930S Comte Oak Dressing Table I 1

Oak and iron dressing-table by Comte

Code: FD682

Valerie Wade Ft586 1970S Us Lucite Brass Console Table 01

1970s US lucite and brass console table

Code: FT586

Valerie Wade Ft578 Pair 1970S Chrome Brass Sides Tables01

Pair of 1970s chrome and brass side tables

Code: FT578

Italian Side Tables 2

Pair of Italian 1950s brass and glass side tables

Code: FT636

Valerie Wade Fc392 Mother Of Pearl Chest Five Drawers 01

Mother-of-pearl chest of five drawers

Code: FC392

Valerie Wade Ams638 1950S Italian Drinks Trolley 01

Italian 1950s drinks trolley

Code: AMS638

Valerie Wade Fc382 Six Drawer Sideboard 01

1950s Italian six-drawer sideboard

Code: FC382

Valerie Wade Fc029 1930S French Arbus Chest Drawers 01

1930s French Arbus chest-of-drawers

Code: FC29

Valerie Wade Fdt597 1950S American Lucite Dressing Table 01

1950s American lucite dressing-table

Code: FD597

Valerie Wade Fd0524 1950S Italian Dressing Table Fratelli De Capitani 01

1950s Italian dressing-table by Capitani

Code: FD524

Valerie Wade Fd056 Venice Dressing Table Bureau 01

'Venice' dressing-table / desk

Code: FD56

Valerie Wade Fd055 Sophia Dressing Table 01

'Sophia' dressing-table

Code: FD55

Valerie Wade Fs595 Pair Gilded Iron Stools 01

Pair of French 1950s stools

Code: FS595

Valerie Wade Fc303 Venice Chest Drawers Faceted Crystal Handles 01

Venice chest-of-drawers with crystal handles

Code: FC303

Valerie Wade Fs465 Sofa Armchair Carlo Di Carli01

1950s sofa & armchair by Carlo Di Carla

Code: FS465

Valerie Wade Fs027 Low Back Upholstered Seat 01

Low-back upholstered seat

Code: FS27

Valerie Wade Fc032 Mother Of Pearl Inlay Tall Boy 01

Mother-of-pearl inlay tall boy

Code: FC32

Valerie Wade Fs650 1960S French Chrome Stool 01

1960s French chrome stool

Code: FS650

Valerie Wade Fc472 Mother Of Pearl Side Cabinet 01

Mother-of-pearl side cabinet

Code: FC472

French Low Back Seat

1950s French low-back seat with VW Design fabric

Code: FS564

Valerie Wade Fs581 1950S Us Lucite Circular Stool 04

1950s US lucite circular stool

Code: FS581

Valerie Wade Fs543 Pair 1950S Side Chairs Paolo Buffa 01

Pair of 1950s occasional chairs by Paolo Buffa

Code: FS543

Valerie Wade Fs463 Straight Button Upholstered Seat 03

Straight button back upholstered seat

Code: FS463

Valerie Wade Fs464 Upright Upholstered Seat 01

Upright upholstered seat

Code: FS464

Valerie Wade Ft423 1970S French Marble Topped Low Table Knoll 01

1970s French marble-topped low table by Knoll

Code: FT423

Venice Bedside Table 01

'Venice' bedside table

Code: FC31

Valerie Wade Fc030 Sophia Bedside Table 01

'Sophia' bedside table

Code: FC30

Valerie Wade Ft040 Faux Shagreen Low Side Table 01

Faux shagreen low side table

Code: FT40

Valerie Wade Ft052 1960S French Dining Table 01

French 1960s dining table

Code: FT52

Valerie Wade Ft275 1940S Italian Wall Mounted Side Table 01

1940s Italian wall-mounted side table

Code: FT275

Valerie Wade Ft339 1950S Jacques Quinet Coffee Table Ii 01

Jacques Quinet coffee table II

Code: FT339

Valerie Wade Ft043 1950S Italian Black Lacquered Low Table 01

1950s Italian black-lacquered low table

Code: FT43

Valerie Wade Ft039 Moon Disc Drum Table 01

Moon disc drum table

Code: FT39

Valerie Wade Ft046 1950S Italian Two Tier Table 01

1950s Italian two-tier table

Code: FT46

Brass Drinks Trolley 01

1950s brass drinks trolley

Code: AMS461

Valerie Wade Ft408 Pair Barley Twist Side Tables 01

Pair of barley twist side tables

Code: FT408

Valerie Wade Ft054 1930S French Occasional Table 01

1930s French occasional table

Code: FT54

Valerie Wade Ft345 Pair 1950S Chrome Side Tables 01

Two pairs of 1950s chrome side tables

Code: FT345

Valerie Wade Ft547 Side Table Magazine Rack Ico Parisi 01

Side table magazine rack by Ico Parisi

Code: FT547

Valerie Wade Ft585 1970S American Brass Console Table 01

1970s American brass console table

Code: FT585

Valerie Wade Ams565 Mughal Flowers Garlands 01

Mughal flowers & garlands

Code: AMS565

Valerie Wade Fc473 Mother Of Pearl 01

Mother-of-pearl furniture

Code: FC473

Valerie Wade Ft232 Faux Bamboo Shagreen Side Table 01

Faux bamboo / shagreen side table

Code: FT232

Valerie Wade Fc038 Three Drawer Chest Drawers 01

Three drawer chest-of-drawers

Code: FC38

Valerie Wade Fs371 Pink Button Back Upholstered Seat 01

Button-back upholstered chair

Code: FS371

Valerie Wade Fs026 Blue High Backed Upholstered Seat 01

High-backed upholstered seat

Code: FS26

Valerie Wade Fs410 Yellow Brass Studded Upholstered Seat 03

Brass-studded upholstered seat

Code: FS410

Valerie Wade Fd670 1950S Italian Star Dressing Table 01

1950s Italian 'Star' dressing-table

Code: FD670

Valerie Wade Fd645 Fruitwood Dressing Table I

1950s Italian dressing-table in the style Buffa

Code: FD645

Valerie Wade Fd336 Brass Polka Dot Dressing Table I

1950s Italian 'polka dot' dressing-table

Code: FD336

Valerie Wade Fd646 Italian Dressing Table I

1950s Italian dressing-table

Code: FD646

Valerie Wade Fc623 Pair 1970S Italian Black Glass Side Tables 01

1970s Italian black glass side tables

Code: FC623

Valerie Wade Fc665 1970S Mirrored Chest Drawers 01

1970s mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC655

Valerie Wade Ft630 Pair 1950S Italian Bedside Tables 01

Pair of 1950s Italian bedside tables

Code: FT630

Valerie Wade 0621 Pair 1970S Italian Black Glass Cabinets 01

Pair of 1970s Italian black glass cabinets

Code: FC621

Yellow Armchairs I 2

Pair of French 1960's creamy/yellow leather club chairs

Code: FS672

Valerie Wade Ft312 1950S Italian Brass Coffee Table01

1950s Italian brass coffee table

Code: FT312

Valerie Wade Faux Bamboo Coffee Table –1

Set of 1950s Italian brass 'bamboo' tables

Code: FT717

Valerie Wade 1950S Italian Bookcase 1

Italian 1970s shelving system/room divider by Romeo Rega

Code: FT709

Valerie Wade Two Upholstered Stools 01

Pair of Italian Dressing-Table Stools

Code: FS693

Valerie Wade Brass Dressing Table And Stool 01

1950s Italian Brass Dressing Table and Chair

Code: FD700

Valerie Wade Fc661 1970S Italian Mirrored Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1970's mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC661

Valerie Wade Fc664 1980S Italian Double Width Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1980s double width chest-of-drawers

Code: FC664

Valerie Wade Ams656 1950S Italian Brass Drinks Trolley 01

1950s Italian brass drinks trolley

Code: AMS656

Valerie Wade Ams653 1950S French Bamboo Drinks Trolley 01

1950s French bamboo drinks trolley

Code: AMS653

Valerie Wade Ft053 1940S American Rare Library Table Desk 01

1940s American rare library table/desk

Code: FT53

Valerie Wade Ft598 Pair 1960S Us Hexagonal Side Tables01

Pair of 1960s US hexagonal side tables

Code: FT598