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Italian Antiqued Mirror Bedsides 044 V1

Pair of antique mirror and brass chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FT1164

Italian Caramel Bedsides 20210225 Valerie Wade 2 013 V1

Pair of vintage caramel glass and brass chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FT1163

Indian Dowry Chest 01A

Early-1900s back-painted dowry chest from Inida's Rajasthan or Gujarat region

Code: FC1147

Us Shelving Stand 01

US 1970s three-tiered gold metal shelving stand

Code: FT1142

Pair Us Brass Display Shelves 01

Pair of 1970s Mid-Century American brass display shelves / room divider

Code: FT1059

Mother Of Pearl Tallboy 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl tallboy

Code: FC32

Valerie Wade Fc392 Mother Of Pearl Chest Five Drawers 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl chest of five drawers

Code: FC392

Valerie Wade Fc303 Venice Chest Drawers Faceted Crystal Handles 01

Mirrored Venice chest-of-drawers with crystal handles

Code: FC303

Valerie Wade Fc472 Mother Of Pearl Side Cabinet 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl side cabinet

Code: FC472

Venice Bedside Table 01

Mirrored 'Venice' bedside table with crystal handles

Code: FC31

Valerie Wade Fc030 Sophia Bedside Table 01

mirrored 'Sophia' bedside table

Code: FC30

Valerie Wade Fc473 Mother Of Pearl 01

Syrian Mother-of-pearl furniture

Code: FC473

Pair Black Glass Cabinets 02

Pair of 1970s Italian black glass chest-of-drawers

Code: FT1025

Valerie Wade 0621 Pair 1970S Italian Black Glass Cabinets 01

Pair of 1970s Italian black glass cabinets

Code: FC621

Pair Of 1940S Painted Bedsides 01 Vw

Italian 1940s pear wood side tables by Osvaldo Borsani

Code: FC786

Pair Jewelled Cabinets 01

Pair of 1980s Italian brass and black and amber glass 'jewelled' chest-of-drawers

Code: FC1112

Valerie Wade Italian Black Cabinet –1

1970's black chest-of-drawers

Code: FT711

Pair Caramel Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1960s caramel glass chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FT1104

Mastercraft Cabinet 02 Best

Tall 1970s US Mastercraft brass display cabinet

Code: FC912

Valerie Wade Fc661 1970S Italian Mirrored Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1970's mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC661

Valerie Wade Fc664 1980S Italian Double Width Chest Drawers 01

Italian 1980s double width chest-of-drawers

Code: FC664

Pair Italian 50S Bedsides 01

Pair of 1960s Italian bedside tables

Code: FC871

Hollywood Shelving Unit Styed Shot

American 1970s Hollywood Regency brass and glass shelving unit

Code: FT1049

Cream Bedsides Main

1960s Italian cream bedside chests

Code: FB823

Pair Parchment Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1950s marbled parchment bedsides

Code: FC962

1950S Italian Pinkblack Chest 01

Stylish 1970s Italian chest-of-drawers

Code: FC937

Paolo Buffa Credenza 01 Vw

Italian 1940s credenza by Osvaldo Borsani

Code: FC787

Pair Oval Bedside Tables 001 Vw

Pair of 1980s US bedside tables by Charles Pfister

Code: FC795

Valerie Wade Fc623 Pair 1970S Italian Black Glass Side Tables 01

1970s Italian black glass side tables

Code: FC623

Pair Italian Black Glass Bedsides 01 Vw

Pair of Italian 1970s black glass chest-of-drawers

Code: FC768

Valerie Wade Fc665 1970S Mirrored Chest Drawers 01

1970s mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC655

Valerie Wade Ft630 Pair 1950S Italian Bedside Tables 01

Pair of 1950s Italian bedside tables

Code: FT630

Pair Italian Painted Bedsides 01

Pair of 1950s Italian Bedside Tables

Code: FT767

Pair Black Lacquer Bedsides –1

Italian 1950s black lacquered bedside-tables

Code: FC724

Wakefield Chest 01

1950s American honey coloured birchwood chest-of-drawers

Code: FC911

Pair Pastel Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1970s chest-of-drawers/bedsides

Code: FC1098

Sotsass Cabinet

1950s Italian wood and parchment cabinet in the style of Sotsass

Code: FC701

Faux Marble Chase Chest 01

1970s American chest-of-drawers by Steve Chase

Code: FC905

Pair Italian Bedsides Marble Tops 01

Italian 1950s marble-topped bedsides

Code: FC903

Pair Bedside Tables By Founders 01

Mid-Century Modern pair of bedsides by Founders

Code: FT1053

Pair Burr Walnut Bedside Tables 001 Vw

Pair of 1930s burr walnut bedside tables

Code: FC797

Steve Chase Chest Of Drawers 01

1980s chest-of-drawers by American designer and decorator Steve Chase

Code: FC799

Pair Steve Chase Bedsides 01

1980s pair of bedside-tables by American designer and decorator Steve Chase

Code: FC798

Long Brass Sideboard 01

Italian 1970s Long Black and Gold Sideboard

Code: FC879

Buffa Sideboard 01

1960s Italian walnut cabinet by Paolo Buffa

Code: FC945

Pair 1960S Gold Bedside Tables 02

Pair of 1960s gold and brass glass bedside tables

Code: FT1027

Mirrored Chest Of Drawers 01 Vw

Italian 1970s mirror and brass chest-of-drawers

Code: FC770

Pair Of Mirrored Chests 01 Vw

Pair of 1970s mirrored four-drawer chests

Code: FC769

Italian Sideboard 1

1950s Italian six-drawer sideboard

Code: FC382

Valerie Wade Fc029 1930S French Arbus Chest Drawers 01

1930s French sideboard by Arbus

Code: FC29

Pair Mirrored Bedsides 01

Pair of Italian 1970s mirrored chest-of-drawers

Code: FC873

Animation Small 960 2

1950s Italian drinks cabinet by Paolo Buffa

Code: FC845