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Glass Lidded Bowl 01

English 1950s lidded glass bowl

Code: AV902

Italian Geometric Letter Holder 01

1970s Italian geometric letter holder

Code: AM897

Freddo Therm Red Apple Icebucket 01

1970s apple ice bucket by Freddo Therm

Code: A888

Freddo Therm Apple Icebucket 01

1970s apple ice bucket by Freddo Therm

Code: A887

Freddo Therm Pear Icebucket 01

1970s pear ice bucket by Freddo Therm

Code: A886

1950S Rectangular Chrome Tray 01

1950s Italian chrome and mirror tray

Code: A885

Chrome Topped Bottle 01

Italian 1950s chrome-topped decanter

Code: A837

Acorn Ice Bucket 01

Rare Italian 1970s 'acorn' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A834

Dice Box 01

1950s Italian 'Dice' card box

Code: A830

Set Of 3 Leaf Bowls 01

Set ot three bronze 'leaf' bowls

Code: A820

Large Red Heart Vase 01

Large red Murano heart vase

Code: AV815

Manetti Owl June Main

Italian 1970s 'owl' by Mauro Manetti

Code: A811

Murano Bottle Large Main

Large red and amber Murano perfume bottle

Code: A810

Fulham Vase Blue Grey Main

1950s pale grey/blue Fulham Pottery vase

Code: A809

Lucite Ice Bucket Squares

1970s American lucite ice bucket

Code: A806

Brass Tripod Bowl 01

Handmade cast brass bowl on legs

Code: A805

Set Brass Bowls 01

Set of three handmade cast brass trays

Code: A804

Quartz Clock 3

1970s American lucite clock

Code: A802

Set Of Deco Scent Bottles 02 Vw

1950s perfume bottle set

Code: AD801

Vw Lucite Towel Rail Detail 01

1970s American lucite towel rail

Code: A790

Two Scent Bottles 01 Vw

Two glass and silver scent bottles

Code: A784

Pineapple Ice Bucket B 01 Vw

'Pineapple' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A783

Pineapple Ice Bucket A 01 Vw

'Pineapple' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A782

Palm Bowl 01 Vw

Brass palm leaf bowl

Code: A779

Long Palm Bowl 01 Vw

Long brass palm leaf bowl

Code: A778

Cabbage Ice Bucket 01 Vw

Unusual Italian 1960s 'spring cabbage' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A776

Tomato Ice Bucket 01 Vw

Large 1970s Spanish ice bucket

Code: A773

Silver Tray 01

1920s silver rectangular tray

Code: A771

Scent Bottle Set 01

Fine French Dressing Table Set, circa 1900

Code: AS761

Dorothy Thorpe Vase –1

1960s US vase by Dorothy Thorpe

Code: AV718

Acorn Ice Bucket By Manetti 01

'Acorn' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: AMS617

Valerie Wade Twig Candle Holder Copper01

Copper Magnolia Candle Holder

Code: AMS699

Valerie Wade Twig Candle Holder 01

Bronze Magnolia Twigs

Code: AMS680

Valerie Wade Brass Twig Candle Holder 01

Bronze Magnolia Candle Holder

Code: AMS679

Valerie Wade Italian Glass Bowl 01

1930s 'Flower' Bowls By Seguso

Code: AV704

Valerie Wade 1960S Owl Ice Bucket 1

Vintage 'Owl' Ice Bucket

Code: AMS698

Blue Glass Perfum Bottle

Vintage Danish Perfume Bottle

Code: AMS703

Tsc 1749 L

1950s 'Strawberry' Ice Bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: AMS689

Valerie Wade Brass Bird Holder 01

Cast bronze 'bird' tealighht holders

Code: AMS686

Valerie Wade English Hip Flask 01

1930s English hip flask

Code: AD153

Valerie Wade 1950S Italian Glass Ashtray 01

1940s Italian glass ashtray

Code: AM164

Valerie Wade Cast Bronze Leaf Small 01

Bronze teak leaf bowl

Code: AV685

Valerie Wade Cast Broze Lotus Candle 01

Bronze lotus flower – candle holder

Code: AMS677

Cast Bronze Leaf Bowl 01

Bronze Kathal leaf bowl

Code: AV681

Duck Ice Bucket By Manetti 01

'Duck' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: AMS490

1950S Us Circular Tray 01

1950s American circular tray

Code: AS572

1950S French Vase By Daum 01

Pale umber glass vase by Daum, France

Code: AV485

1960S Glasses Glasses By Dorothy Thorpe –01

Eight silver-rimmed glasses by Dorothy Thorpe

Code: AMS575

Dorothy Thorpe Magazine Rack I 1

1960s Dorothy Thorpe magazine rack

Code: AMS634

Image1 2

1970s American large abstract rug by David Pitzer

Code: AMS615

B Photo Frames

1940s/1950s French vintage frames

Code: AS319

Wave Glass Vase I

Contemporary "wave" vase

Code: AV609

Silver Apple I

1950s "apple" vessel

Code: AS651

Barovier E Toso Frame I

1960's Italian pink frame by Barovier e Toso

Code: AF654

German Cut Glass Bowl 1930S Main 161115 161924

1930's German cut glass bowl with silver top

Code: AD632

Manetti Owl 2 Main

Italian 1970's 'Owl' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: AMS713

Dominioni Coat Hooks I

1950s coat hooks by Luigi Dominini

Code: AMS328

Barovier And Toso Vases I

Pair of 1950s Italian vases by Barovier e Toso

Code: AV491

Set Us Red Mirror Trays I

Set of 1960s trays by Maurer and Knuth

Code: AMS587

Italian Glass Vase I 1

1950s Italian blue/red vase by Toso

Code: AV169

Valerie Wade Chrome Bottle Rack 01

1960s American chrome wine rack

Code: AMS530

B Pair Of Pale Pink Scent Bottles I

1930s American pale pink scent bottles

Code: AD223

Magazine Rack I

1950s Italian magazine rack

Code: AMS659

Lucite Bottle Rack I

American 1960s lucite wine rack

Code: AMS606

Black Drinks Trolley Main

Black drinks trolley

Code: A822

Vw Chrome Tray 1

1970s American chrome and mirror tray in the style of Willy Rizzo

Code: A793

Duck Topped Ice Bucket 01

Rare Italian 1970s 'duckling' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A833

Coat Hat Rack 01

Italian 1950s wall hung coat and hat rack

Code: A821

Valerie Wade Us 1970S Dorothy Thorpe Tray Medium 01

1970s American tray by Dorothy Thorpe

Code: AMS463

Vide Poche 01

1950s Italian glass 'vide poche'

Code: A835

Circular Brass Tray 01

Italian 1950s brass and glass tray

Code: A831

Valerie Wade Bohemian Silver Glass Drinks Set 01

Bohemian silver/glass drinks set, c.1900

Code: AS474

Brass Drinks Trolley 01

1950s brass drinks trolley

Code: AMS461

Manetti Owl

Unusual Italian 1960s 'Owl' Ice bucket my Mauro Manetti

Code: AMS710

Polka Dot Vase –1

Italian 1960s polka dot vase

Code: AV725