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Us Brass Fire Ends 0140 V1

Pair of Mid-century modern geometric fire dogs

Code: AMS1383

Fulham Urn Extra Large 0059 V1

Extra large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1290

Apple Book Ends 223 V1

Pair of 1950s Italian Murano glass apple bookends / sculptures

Code: AMS1371

Pair Of Dt Bowls 132 V1

Pair of American 1960s glass decorative bowls

Code: AMS1366

Resin Sculpture 116 V1

American Mid-Century modern circular Lucite sculpture

Code: AMS1358

Lucite Magazine Rack 047 V1

1970s Lucite and chrome magazine rack

Code: AMS1355

Fulham Urn 038 V1

Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1349

Us Helsey Bookends 129 V1

1950s American chrome and glass flower bookends

Code: AMS1336

Cast Bronze Leaf Bowl 01

Bronze Kathal leaf bowl

Code: AV681

Blue Bowl 0048 V1

Anthony Stern signed art glass Egyptian blue bowl

Code: AMS1319

Perfume Bottle 1 0036 V1

Contemporary grey/black Murano Bullicante ball perfume bottle

Code: AMS1323

Perfume Bottle 2 0044 V1

Contemporary grey/black Murano Bullicante tall perfume bottle

Code: AMS1322

Haziza Sculpture 085 V1

1980s Circular Lucite sculpture by Sholmi Haziza

Code: AMS1299

Murano Round Perfume Bottle 193 V1

Contemporary red Murano bullicante ball perfume bottle

Code: AMS1310

Murano Red Perfuem Bottle Tall 186 V1

Contemporary red Murano bullicante tall perfume bottle

Code: AMS1309

Aqua Marine Tall Perfume Bottle 200 V1

Contemporary tall aquamarine Murano perfume bottle

Code: AMS1311

Lobjet Photoframe 0123 V1

Vintage L'Objet gold plated rope photoframe

Code: AMS1295

Chrome And Bakelite Tray 0109 V1

Art Deco chrome and bakelite tray

Code: AMS1289

Us Decanter 0081 V1

US geometric shaped decanter

Code: AMS1287

Aquamarine Ball Perfume Bottle 205 V1

Contemporary aquamarine Murano perfume bottle

Code: AMS1312

Silver Topped Bottles 0102 V1

Two glass and silver scent bottles

Code: A784

Blue Heart Vase 0129 V1

1960s Barovier e Toso Egyptian blue vase with red hearts

Code: AV1259

Us Whiskey Bar 0128 V1

US vintage Mid-century portable whiskey bar set

Code: AMS1253

Wily Rizzo Tray 0047 V1

American 1970s extra large chrome and mirror tray in the style of Willy Rizzo

Code: AB1115

Kaplan Ice Bucket 0062 V1

1970s American faceted Lucite ice bucket by Kaplan

Code: AB1122

Purple Ice Bucket 0039 V1

American 1970s purple Lucite ice bucket

Code: AB1133

Italian Wicker Magazine Rack 0044

1950s wicker basket with handle

Code: AMS1237

Murano Blue And Yellow Vase 01

Italian 1950s blue and yellow Murano globe vase

Code: AV1069

Valeriewade 8

Large watercolour of Cairo by Robert Murdoch Wright

Code: A1220

Valeriewade 7

19th Century watercolour of Egypt by Henry Stanton Lynton

Code: A1218

Gold Bathroom Set 186 V1

Gold Hollywood Regency bathroom set

Code: AMS1166

Rectangular Tray 20210126 Valerie Wade 0081 V1

1940s Italian rectangular fruitwood cocktail tray

Code: AB1201

Hans Hollein Candelabra 0203 V1

Sterling Silver candelabra (Menorah) by Hans Hollein

Code: AMS1197

Italian Green Ball Dish 0354

American 1960s green glass dish

Code: AMS1181

Brass Leaf Bowl 01

Bronze layered 'Leaf' bowl

Code: AV1019

Strawberry Tray 01

1970’s chrome and brass 'strawberry' tray.

Code: AMS1093

American Silver Apple 01

American 1960s silver apple

Code: AM1143

Red Perfume Bottles 20210427 Valerie Wade 4 0223 V1

Red and amber Murano perfume bottles

Code: A810

Us Brass Magazine Rack 2

American 1970's brass magazine rack

Code: AMS1128

Brass ‘Vide Poche’ 20210427 Valerie Wade 4 0212 V1

Handmade brass 'vide poche'

Code: A805

Italian Magazine Rack 01

Italian 1970s brass magazine rack

Code: FM1144

Italian Wooden Effect Magazine Rack 0064

1970s Italian magazine rack

Code: AMS1236

Large Chrome Mirrored Tray 01

1950s Italian chrome and mirror tray

Code: AB1094

Img 7664

1950s American chrome Penguin ice-bucket

Code: AB1111

Lucite Spiral Letter Rack 01

1970s Lucite US letter rack by Dorothy Thorpe

Code: AM914

1970S European Glazed Pottery Jar 01

Large red Vintage No. 286-42 Ceramic Vase from Scheurich, Germany 1970s

Code: AV1086

Mid Centruy Blue Murano Bowl 01

Mid-century Italian blue Murano bubble bowl

Code: AV1072

1950S Continental Cut Glass Set 01

1950s highly decorative Continental glass table set detailed in green and gold

Code: AS1058

French Chrome Rectangular Tray 01

1950s Italian chrome and mirror tray

Code: AB931

Valeriewade 1

Framed red flower watercolour by Betty di Robilant

Code: A1213

Valeriewade 2

Framed below flower watercolour by Betty di Robilant

Code: A1214

Valeriewade 3

Framed blue flower watercolour by Betty di Robilant

Code: A1215

Schneider Bubble Vase 01

Mid-Century bubble vase by Charles Schneider

Code: AV1024

Two Murano Glass Heart Vases 01

Red Murano glass heart vases

Code: AV815

Valerie Wade Cast Bronze Leaf Small 01

Bronze teak leaf bowl

Code: AV685

Perfume Bottle 01

1950s Italian perfume bottle/dressing-table accessory

Code: AD992

Cranberry Jug 1 1004

Handsome Victorian cranberry glass jug, circa 1870

Code: AMV1160

Set Of 3 Leaf Bowls 01

Contemporary set of three bronze 'leaf' bowls

Code: A820

Fluted Glass Circular Tray 01

1950s US circular glass tray

Code: AB940

Vannes Vases 01

1950s crystal 'teardrop' vase by Vannes

Code: AV933

Silver Vide Poche 01

1950s continental silver oval tray or dish

Code: AD932

Lucite Ice Bucket Squares

1970s American lucite ice bucket

Code: A806

Set Brass Bowls 02

Set of three handmade cast brass trays

Code: A804

Set Of Deco Scent Bottles 02 Vw

1950s perfume bottle set

Code: AD801

English Silver Plate Cornucopia 01

English 1880s silver-plated Cornucopia spoon warmer

Code: AV1033

Valerie Wade Twig Candle Holder Copper01

Copper Magnolia Candle Holder

Code: AMS699

Valerie Wade Twig Candle Holder 01

Bronze Magnolia Twigs

Code: AMS680

Valerie Wade Brass Twig Candle Holder 01

Bronze Magnolia Candle Holder

Code: AMS679

Chrome Folding Hot Plate00009

Vintage French chrome trivet

Code: AMS1192

Marrow Jug00005

French 1950s ceramic figural fruit pitcher

Code: AMV1188

Valerie Wade Cast Broze Lotus Candle 01

Bronze lotus flower – candle holder

Code: AMS677

Rattan Basket 01

Vintage rattan and brass log basket/planter

Code: AM1092

1950S Us Circular Tray 01

1950s American circular tray

Code: AS572

Image1 2

1970s American large abstract rug by David Pitzer

Code: AMS615

Fulham Pottery Urn 01

Extra large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1155

Brass And Mirror Tray 01

Vintage Italian mirrored tray with brass handles

Code: AB1106

Deco Tray 01

1950s Italian Art Deco style chrome and mirror tray

Code: AB991

Wicker Magazine Rack 01

Italian 1970s wicker and brass magazine rack

Code: AM986

Murano Decorative Glass Tray 021 V1

1950s' Italian Murano rope tray

Code: AMS1302

Magazine Rack By Romeo Rega 01

1970s Italian chrome and brass magazine rack by Romeo Rega

Code: FMS1054

Fulham Urn Large0053 V1

Large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1291

Chrome Wood Tray 01

1960s Italian wood, chrome and mirror tray

Code: AB930

Faceted Tissue Box 01

1970s American Lucite tissue box

Code: AD926

American Bonboniere 01

1950s American brass and glass flower bonbonniere dressing-table/vanity accessory

Code: AMS1074

Cube Lucite Ice Bucket 01

• 1950s US Lucite 'cube' ice bucket with matching tongs

Code: AB924

Faux Tortoise Shell Tray 01

Italian 1950s Lucite and brass faux tortoise shell tray

Code: AB1095

Scent Bottle Set 01

Fine French Dressing Table Set, circa 1900

Code: AS761

Italian Pineapple Icebucket 01

1960s Italian 'Pineapple' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: AB1032

Smoked Glass Umbrella Stand 01

Italian 1960’s brass and glass umbrella stand

Code: AM988

Pineapple Ice Bucket B 01 Vw

'Pineapple' ice bucket by Mauro Manetti

Code: A783

Star Magazine Rack 01

Italian 1950s 'star' magazine rack

Code: AM973

Freddo Therm Red Apple Icebucket 01

1970s apple ice bucket by Freddo Therm

Code: A888

Img 7661

Vibrant emerald green glass tray

Code: AB1109

Pair Murano Glass Scent Bottles 01

Pair of 1990s blue and green Italian Murano perfume bottles

Code: AD1029

Lime Green Vase00003

1950s pale green glazed Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1187

Scent Bottle Set 01

1930s fine French dressing-table set

Code: AD1020

Glass Lidded Bowl 01

English 1950s glass flower bowl

Code: AV902

Tomato Jug00004

French 1950s ceramic figural fruit pitcher

Code: AMV1189

Italian Brass Bin 147 V1

Italian Mid-century brass waste paper bin

Code: AMS1339

Cigarette Box 4

1950s continental Mirrored cigarette/cigar box

Code: AMS1182