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Monaco Mirror Silver 01

'Monaco' silver mirror

Code: MW1088

Valerie Wade Fc392 Mother Of Pearl Chest Five Drawers 01

Mother-of-pearl chest of five drawers

Code: FC392

Pair Luigi Brass Lamps 01

Pair of 'Luigi' brass table lamps

Code: LT1036

Valerie Wade Lw091 Single Lotus Flower Wall Light 02

Lotus Lights

Code: LW1043

Firenze Mirror – Circular 01

'Firenze' mirror – circular

Code: MW1016

Monaco Mirror 01

'Monaco' gold mirror

Code: MW1015

Savoy Lamps 01

'Savoy' table lamp

Code: LT1014

Firenze Mirror – Portrait 01

'Firenze' mirror – portrait

Code: MW1017

Valerie Wade Lw091 Single Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Single 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW91

Gracie Wall Mirror 01

'Gracie' wall mirror

Code: MW877

Tarts Mirror Main Image

'Gracie' flower light mirror

Code: MW433

Venice Dressing Table 1

'Venice' dressing-table / desk

Code: FD56

Valerie Wade Lw089 Triple Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Triple 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW89

Sophia Dt 1

'Sophia' dressing-table

Code: FD55

Valerie Wade Lw090 Double Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Double 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW90

Valerie Wade Lw100 Quadruple Lotus Flower Wall Lights 01

Quadruple 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW100

Valerie Wade Fc303 Venice Chest Drawers Faceted Crystal Handles 01

Venice chest-of-drawers with crystal handles

Code: FC303

Valerie Wade Fs027 Low Back Upholstered Seat 01

Low-back upholstered seat

Code: FS27

Valerie Wade Fc472 Mother Of Pearl Side Cabinet 01

Mother-of-pearl side cabinet

Code: FC472

French Low Back Seat

1950s French low-back seat with VW Design fabric

Code: FS564

Valerie Wade Fs463 Straight Button Upholstered Seat 03

Straight button back upholstered seat

Code: FS463

Valerie Wade Fs464 Upright Upholstered Seat 01

Upright upholstered seat

Code: FS464

Venice Bedside Table 01

'Venice' bedside table

Code: FC31

Valerie Wade Fc030 Sophia Bedside Table 01

'Sophia' bedside table

Code: FC30

Valerie Wade Ams565 Mughal Flowers Garlands 01

Mughal flowers & garlands

Code: AMS565

Valerie Wade Fc473 Mother Of Pearl 01

Mother-of-pearl furniture

Code: FC473

Valerie Wade Fs026 Blue High Backed Upholstered Seat 01

High-backed upholstered seat

Code: FS26

Mother Of Pearl Tallboy 01

Mother-of-pearl tallboy

Code: FC32