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Us Holophane Chandelier 04

1960s US Holophane ball ceiling pendant

Code: LC1062

Pair Citrine Rock Lamps 01

Pair of Italian Murano citrine 'rock' table lamps

Code: LT1056

Pair Bronze Rock Lamps 01

Pair of Italian Murano bronze 'rock' table lamps

Code: LT1055

1970S Scolari Chandelier 01

1970s Italian chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari

Code: LC1051

Pair Clear Rock Lamps 02

Pair of Italian Murano clear 'rock' table lamps

Code: FT1047

Pair Us Lucite Brass Lamps 01

Pair of 1950s American Lucite and brass table lamps

Code: LT1046

Pair Charles Hollis Floor Lamps 01

Pair of 1960s American brass floor lamps by Charles Hollis Jones

Code: LF1045

Pair Turquoise Rock Lamps 01

Pair of Italian Murano turquoise 'rock' table lamps

Code: LT1035

Pair Ravello Wall Lights 2 Tiers 01

Ravello wall lights (2-tiered)

Code: LW1042

Italian Pergola Pendant Light 01

Italian 1950s 'pergola' pendant

Code: LC1039

Pair Luigi Brass Lamps 01

Pair of 'Luigi' brass table lamps

Code: LT1036

Valerie Wade Lw091 Single Lotus Flower Wall Light 02

Lotus Lights

Code: LW1043

1970S Italian Chromeglass Pendant 01

1970s Italian chrome and glass pendant

Code: LC1034

Pair Veca Wall Lights 01

Pair of 1970s Italian chrome and glass wall lights by Veca

Code: LW1028

Pair Black Swedish Lamps 01

Pair of black glass and brass 1960s Swedish table lamps by Bergboms

Code: LT1026

Pair Murano Glass Striped Wall Lights 01

Pair of 1950s Murano glass and brass striped wall lights

Code: LW996

Pair Buzzi Wall Lights Green Glass 01

Pair of Italian 1930s wall lights by Tomaso Buzzi for Venini

Code: LW859

Jacques Adnet Ball Lamp 01

1930s crystal ball lamp by Jacques Adnet

Code: LT1023

Lotus Flower Lamp 01

1950s Italian white 'Lotus' table lamp

Code: LT1021

Savoy Lamps 01

'Savoy' table lamp

Code: LT1014

Pair Star Wall Lights 01

Pair of 1950s Italian 'star' wall lights

Code: LW1010

Frou Frou Classic 01

'Frou Frou Classic' chandelier

Code: LC1007

Murano Clam Shell Wall Lights 01

Murano glass 'clam shell' wall lights

Code: LW1005

Pair Muran Leaf Wall Lights 01

Pair of Murano leaf wall lights

Code: LW1001

Pair Cedric Hartman Floor Lamps 01

Pair of US 1970s floor lamps by Cedric Hartman

Code: LF995

Perspex Domed Lamp 01

1970s Italian perspex white domed table lamp

Code: LT1008

Full Bloom Lotus Lamp 01

1950s 'Full Bloom' lotus table lamp

Code: LT972

Pair Chrome Standard Lamps 01

Pair of Mid-Century chrome floor lamps

Code: LF970

Pair Smoked Column Lamps 01

Pair of Italian Murano smokey glass column lamps

Code: LT969

Pair Estella Walll Lights 01

Estella wall lights

Code: LW958

Two Hanging Glass Lights 01

1970s Italian Tutti Frutti glass pendant lights

Code: LC952

Pair Pink Murano Ball Lamps 01A

Pair of 1950s raspberry pink Murano ball lamps

Code: LT951

Pair Of Jewelled Wall Lights 01

Pair of Italian 1950s ‘jewel’ wall lights

Code: LW901

Valerie Wade Lw091 Single Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Single 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW91

Gracie Wall Mirror 01

'Gracie' wall mirror

Code: MW877

Pair Organic Glass Lamps Unlit 01

Italian 1970s Murano table lamps

Code: LT862

Pair Double Perspex Shade Lamps 01

Pair of large 1970s table lamps by Romeo Rega

Code: LT856

Peter Bliss Tulip Lamp 01

1980s tulip table light by Peter Bliss

Code: LT976

Peter Bliss Daffodil 2 – 01

1980s daffodil table light by Peter Bliss

Code: LT975

Breuer Lamp A 01

Art Deco brass table lamp by Marcel Breuer for the 1925 Paris Exhibition

Code: LT929

Venini Chandelier 01 Best Shot

1950s Italian glass chandelier by Venini

Code: LC854

Single Glass Pendant 02

1970s Italian glass pendant

Code: LC853

Pair 1970S Glass Pendants 01

Pair of 1970s Italian glass pendants

Code: LC852

Pair Of Pebble Lamps 01

Pair of Murano glass ‘pebble’ lamps

Code: LT847

Diamonds Chandelier 01Close Up

1970’s Italian ‘diamonds’ chandelier

Code: LC844

Pair Murano Mushroom Lamps 01

Italian 1960s Murano glass mushroom table lamps

Code: LT840

Pair Clear Ball Lamps 01

Pair of 1950s clear Murano ball lamps

Code: LT817

Curtis Jere Lamp Main

Rare pair of 1970s US geometric 'X' brass table lamps by Curtis Jere

Code: LT814

Pair Clear Val St Lamps 01

Pair of 1950s crystal lamps by Val Saint-Lambert lamps

Code: LT927

Pair Of Turban Lamps 01A

1950s Italian mottled cream ’turban’ lamp

Code: LT850

Tarts Mirror Main Image

'Gracie' flower light mirror

Code: MW433

Valerie Wade Ball Pendant Light 02

'Opal' chandelier

Code: LC720

Valerie Wade 1950S Chrome White Lamps –01

Pair 1950s Italian desk lamps

Code: LT716

Valerie Wade Lw403 Pair Venini Arm Wall Lights 01

Pair of 'Venini' arm wall lights

Code: LW403

Valerie Wade Lc068 Drum Chandelier 01

'Drum' chandelier

Code: LC68

Valerie Wade Lc631 1950S Italian Pink Glass Chandelier 01

1950s Italian pink glass chandelier

Code: LC631

Valerie Wade Lc081 Frou Frou Chandelier 01

'Frou Frou' chandelier

Code: LC81

Valerie Wade Lc277 1950S Burnt Sugar Chandelier Mazzeg 01

1950s 'Burnt Sugar' Mazzega chandelier

Code: LC277

Valerie Wade Lw089 Triple Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Triple 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW89

Valerie Wade Lc544 Lotus Flower Ceiling Lights 01

Lotus flower ceiling lights

Code: LC544

Valerie Wade Lw090 Double Lotus Flower Wall Light 01

Double 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW90

Valerie Wade Lw100 Quadruple Lotus Flower Wall Lights 01

Quadruple 'Lotus' flower wall light

Code: LW100

Raindrop Chandelier 06

Raindrop chandelier

Code: LC77

Valerie Wade Lc071 White Murano Globe Chandelier 01

White Murano globe flower chandelier

Code: LC71

Valerie Wade Lc317 1970S Italian Super Ornate Glass Chandelier 01

Italian 1970s ornate glass chandelier

Code: LC317

Cake Chandelier –1

Cake chandelier

Code: LC70

Valerie Wade Lc397 Black Murano Globe Chandelier 01

Black Murano globe chandelier

Code: LC397

Claridge Chandelier Jpg

'Claridge's' chandelier

Code: LC79

Curve Chandelier 01 For Web

'Curve' chandelier

Code: LC67

Valerie Wade Lattice Wall Lights 011

1950s 'Lattice' Wall Lights attributed to Venini

Code: LW687

Valerie Wade Mw483 1960S Rare Italian Back Lit Mirror 01

1960s Italian back-lit mirror

Code: MW483

Lillies Standard Lamp 03 3

1950s Italian 'Calla' lilies floor lamp by Angelo Lelii

Code: LF112

Valerie Wade Lf534 Rare 1950S Tropical Lilly Standard Lamp 01

Rare 1950s 'tropical lily' standard lamp

Code: LF534

Contemporary Leaf Lights Maini

Murano glass leaf wall lights

Code: LW362

Mirror Light

Late-1960s Italian wall mirror/light

Code: MW521

Valerie Wade Lt674 Pair Italian Murano Glass Column Lamps 01

Pair of Italian Murano glass 'column' lamps

Code: LT674

Raindrop Chandelier –1

'Waterfall' chandelier

Code: LC69

Valerie Wade Lc083 1950S Italian Six Arm Glass Chandelier 01

1950s Italian six-arm glass chandelier

Code: LC83

Valerie Wade Lc066 Full Moon Light 01

Full moon light

Code: LC66

Small Frou Frou –1

Contemporary Frou Frou chandelier

Code: LC237

Valerie Wade Lt512 Pair Contemporary Orb Lamps Medium 01

Pair of contemporary 'Orb' lamps (medium)

Code: LT512

Valerie Wade Lt456 1950S Italian Sun Moon Lamp 01

1950s Italian 'Sun & Moon' lamp

Code: LT456

Valerie Wade Lt285 Italian Pink Marbled Lotus Table Lamp 01

1950s Italian pink 'Lotus' table lamp

Code: LT285

Valerie Wade Lt110 1930S Pair Italian Train Lights 01

1930s Pair of Italian train lights

Code: LT110

Valerie Wade Lt309 Chrome Table Lamp 01

Chrome table lamp

Code: LT309

Valerie Wade Lw227 Italian Glass Wall Lights 01

Italian glass wall lights

Code: LW227

Valerie Wade Lw612 Ravello Wall Lights 01

Ravello wall lights (3-tiered)

Code: LW612

Valerie Wade Lt271 Pair 1970S Fluted Lamps Rougier 01

Pair of 1970s fluted lamps by Rougier

Code: LT271

Valerie Wade Lt440 Pair Contemporary Orb Lamps Large 01

Pair of 'orb' lamps (large)

Code: LT440

Valerie Wade Lt663 Pair 1960S Table Lamps Hans Agne Jakobsson 01

Pair of 1960s table lamps by Hans-Agne Jakobsson

Code: LT663

Valerie Wade Chrome Venini Arm Wall Lights –1

Pair of 'Venini' chrome arm wall lights

Code: LW707

Valerie Wade Lt376 Italian Rectangular Table Lamp 01

Italian rectangular table lamp

Code: LT376

Valerie Wade Lw088 Manhattan Bathroom Wall Light 01

Manhattan bathroom wall light

Code: LW88

Valerie Wade Lw094 Pollini Wall Lights 01

'Pollini' wall lights

Code: LW94

Valerie Wade Lt090 Dandelion Bedside Lamps 01

'Dandelion' bedside lamps

Code: LT90

Valerie Wade Lt093 Piecrust Lamp Medium 01

Piecrust lamp (medium)

Code: LT93

Valerie Wade Lw642 Italian Caramella Wall Lights 01

Italian 'Caramella' wall lights

Code: LW642

Valerie Wade Lt094 Piecrust Lamp Large 01

Piecrust lamp (large)

Code: LT94

Valerie Wade Lw231 Italian Venini Ball Wall Lights 01

Pair of Italian 'Venini' ball wall lights

Code: LW231

Valerie Wade Lw093 1930S French Wall Lights 01

1930s French wall lights

Code: LW93