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Us Holophane Chandelier 04

1960s US Holophane ball ceiling pendant

Code: LC1062

1970S Scolari Chandelier 01

1970s Italian chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari

Code: LC1051

Italian Pergola Pendant Light 01

Italian 1950s 'pergola' pendant

Code: LC1039

1970S Italian Chromeglass Pendant 01

1970s Italian chrome and glass pendant

Code: LC1034

Frou Frou Classic 01

'Frou Frou Classic' chandelier

Code: LC1007

Two Hanging Glass Lights 01

1970s Italian Tutti Frutti glass pendant lights

Code: LC952

Venini Chandelier 01 Best Shot

1950s Italian glass chandelier by Venini

Code: LC854

Single Glass Pendant 02

1970s Italian glass pendant

Code: LC853

Pair 1970S Glass Pendants 01

Pair of 1970s Italian glass pendants

Code: LC852

Diamonds Chandelier 01Close Up

1970’s Italian ‘diamonds’ chandelier

Code: LC844

Valerie Wade Ball Pendant Light 02

'Opal' chandelier

Code: LC720

Valerie Wade Lc068 Drum Chandelier 01

'Drum' chandelier

Code: LC68

Valerie Wade Lc631 1950S Italian Pink Glass Chandelier 01

1950s Italian pink glass chandelier

Code: LC631

Valerie Wade Lc081 Frou Frou Chandelier 01

'Frou Frou' chandelier

Code: LC81

Valerie Wade Lc277 1950S Burnt Sugar Chandelier Mazzeg 01

1950s 'Burnt Sugar' Mazzega chandelier

Code: LC277

Valerie Wade Lc544 Lotus Flower Ceiling Lights 01

Lotus flower ceiling lights

Code: LC544

Raindrop Chandelier 06

Raindrop chandelier

Code: LC77

Valerie Wade Lc071 White Murano Globe Chandelier 01

White Murano globe flower chandelier

Code: LC71

Valerie Wade Lc317 1970S Italian Super Ornate Glass Chandelier 01

Italian 1970s ornate glass chandelier

Code: LC317

Cake Chandelier –1

Cake chandelier

Code: LC70

Valerie Wade Lc397 Black Murano Globe Chandelier 01

Black Murano globe chandelier

Code: LC397

Claridge Chandelier Jpg

'Claridge's' chandelier

Code: LC79

Curve Chandelier 01 For Web

'Curve' chandelier

Code: LC67

Raindrop Chandelier –1

'Waterfall' chandelier

Code: LC69

Valerie Wade Lc083 1950S Italian Six Arm Glass Chandelier 01

1950s Italian six-arm glass chandelier

Code: LC83

Valerie Wade Lc066 Full Moon Light 01

Full moon light

Code: LC66

Small Frou Frou –1

Contemporary Frou Frou chandelier

Code: LC237

Seguso Ball Chandelier 01Close Up

1950s Italian brass and glass ball chandelier by Seguso

Code: LC994

Seguso Bubble Chandelier 01Close Up

1950s Italian Seguso Murano pastel coloured glass Bubble chandelier

Code: LC997

Murano Glass Chandelier By Barovier 01

1950s Italian Barovier Murano glass flower chandelier

Code: LC999

Valerie Wade Lc080 Monumental Seguso Chandelier 01

Monumental 1950s Seguso chandelier

Code: LC80

Barovier E Toso Chandelier 1

1950s chandelier by Barovier e Toso

Code: LC580

Pair Swirl Circular Wall Lights 01

Pair of 1970s glass wall or ceiling lights by Venini

Code: LW842

Brass And Glasspendant 05

1950s Italian Brass Pendant by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Code: LC762

Valerie Wade 1950S Italian Brass Chenadelier 01

Italian 1960s Chandelier by Sciolari

Code: LC690

Brass Ceiling Light Main

Italian 1960s brass 'Nictea' chandelier by Tobia Scarpa

Code: LC724

Grenadine Pendant 01

1950s Grenadine Murano Glass Pendant

Code: LC760

Valerie Wade Two Small Jewel Chandeliers 05 L

Two Italian 1960s 'Jewel' Pendants

Code: LC719

Valerie Wade Jewel Pendant

Italian 1960s 'Jewel' Chandelier

Code: LC694