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Continental Mirror 0160 V1

1930s' Continental silver easel backed table mirror

Code: MT1260

Murano Mirror 0170 V1

1950s Italian Venetian Murano glass flower table mirror

Code: MT1258

20210907 Valerie Wade 0157 V3

1930s large Art Deco chrome geometric mirror

Code: MW1247

Gracie Full Length Mirror 0105

Free-standing 'Gracie' flower light mirror

Code: MW433

Gracie Wall Mirror 01

Brass flower lit up 'Gracie' wall mirror

Code: MW877

Murano Circular Gold Flecked Mirror 0013 V1

Italian 1960s Murano dressing-table mirror by Tommaso Barbi

Code: MT1222

Walnut Dressing Table Mirror 0009 V1

19th Century decorative walnut dressing-table mirror

Code: MT1221

Gold Glass Mirror 0155 V1

Contemporary Italian brass & Murano glass mirror

Code: MW316

Circular Backlit Mirror 0393

French 1970s circular cut glass surround back lit mirror

Code: MW1183

Square Backlit Mirror 0401

French 1970s square cut glass surround back lit mirror

Code: MW1184

Brass Standing Mirror 268 V1

1970s Italian freestanding dressing mirror

Code: MF841

Brass Triple Dt Mirror 0358

Italian 1970s brass dressing table mirror

Code: MT1168

Resin Back Lit Mirror 254 V1

1960s Italian rectangular sculptured resin back-lit mirror

Code: MW483

1950S Italian Table Mirror 02

1950s Italian rectangular dressing-table mirror/photo frame in the style of Barovier e Toso

Code: MT1158

Charles Hollis Mirror 273 V1

1970’s American Vanity/dressing-table mirror by Charles Hollis Jones

Code: MT1123

Firenze Mirror Blue Oblong 01

Pale green portrait Murano twisted rope 'Firenze' mirror in the style of Barovier e Toso

Code: MW1017

20210126 Firenze Mirror 0118 V2

Pink circular Murano twisted rope 'Firenze' wall mirror in the style of Barovier e Toso

Code: MW1016

Silver Flower Mirror 0136 V1

'Monaco' silver leaf circular scalloped wall mirror

Code: MW1088

Monaco Mirror 01

'Monaco' gold leaf circular scalloped wall mirror

Code: MW1015

Valerie Wade Mw395 1960S Double Circular Mirror Crystal Arte 01 Copy

1960s Italian bronze and silver wall mirror by Cristal Arte

Code: MW395

Swirl Mirror 01

Vintage 1980's oval gold gilded swirl mirror

Code: MW864

Triptych Wall Mirror 01

Large Italian 1950s fruitwood triptych mirror

Code: MW855

Gio Ponti Mirror 272 V1

Italian 1950s brass dressing-table/vanity mirror on glass stand in the style of Gio Ponti

Code: MT1102

1960S Table Mirror–01

1970s Italian table mirror by Sergio Mazza

Code: MT723

Valerie Wade Mt602 1960S American Vanity Table Mirror 01

1960s US Lucite and brass dressing-table/vanity mirror

Code: MT602

Valerie Wade Mt467 1950S American Oval Table Mirror 01

1950s US chrome adjustable oval dressing-table/vanity mirror

Code: MT467

Valerie Wade Mt266 1950S Italian Table Mirror 01

Rectangular 1950s Italian brass table mirror

Code: MT266

Valerie Wade Mw481 Double Circle Mirror Fontana Arte 01

Italian 1960s grey and silver double circle mirror by Fontana Arte

Code: MW481

Italian Black Octagonal Floor Mirror 0302

Italian 1960s black metal free standing mirror on wheels

Code: MF1167

Giertta Swedish Mirror Valerie Wade 0130 V1

1970s hand-crafted sculptural mirror designed & made by Claes Giertta Sweden

Code: MW1243

Silver Table Mirror 01

Continental silver plated dressing-table/vanity mirror

Code: MT1096

Gilded Swirl Mirror 02

1950s French gilded swirl mirror

Code: MW129

Valerie Wade Mt548 1930S Oval Table Mirror 01

1930s oval table mirror

Code: MT548

Lipparini Wall Mirror 01

1970s brass framed wall mirror by Mauro Lipparini

Code: MW985

Twirl Brass Wall Mirror 01

​Italian 1960’s brass 'twirl' wall mirror in the style of Gio Ponti

Code: MW974

Valerie Wade 1950S Italian Circular Mirror 01

1960s Wall Mirror in the style of Fontana Arte

Code: MW688

Valerie Wade Mt468 1950S American Dressing Table Mirror 01

1950s US dressing-table mirror

Code: MT468

Valerie Wade Mt422 1940S Glamorous American Extra Large Table Mirror 01

1940s glamorous American extra large table mirror

Code: MT422

Valerie Wade Mw130 1950S French Gilded Leaf Mirror 01

1950s French gilded leaf mirror

Code: MW130

Valerie Wade Mt627 1950S Dressing Table Mirror In Style Gio Ponti 01

1950s dressing-table mirror in the style of Gio Ponti

Code: MT627

Triptych Deco Mirror 01

1920s Italian extra large triptych mirror/light

Code: MT816

Modernist Back Lit Mirror 01

1970s German backlit mirror by Hillebrand in a brutalist style

Code: MW899

Circular Ball Mirror 01

Italian 1960s glass ball dressing table mirror

Code: MT838

Rectangular Brass Table Mirror 01

Italian 1960s rectangular table mirror

Code: MT948

Valerie Wade Mt591 1950S Venetian Table Mirror 01

1950s Venetian table mirror

Code: MT591

Valerie Wade Mt626 1930S Us Art Deco Illuminated Dressing Table Mirror 01

1930s US Art Deco illuminated dressing-table mirror

Code: MT626

Valerie Wade Mt669 1950S Italian Oval Dressing Table Mirror 01

1950s Italian oval dressing-table mirror

Code: MT669

Pierre Vandel Mirror 01

1960s wall mirror by Pierre Vandel

Code: MW728

6383423 L

1960s, Argentinian wall mirror

Code: MW697

Chase Mirror 01

1970s wall mirror by Steve Chase

Code: MW910

Triptych Mirror–01

1960s French triptych mirror

Code: MW750

Brass Dressing Mirror 01

1960s Italian freestanding dressing mirror

Code: MF1040

Silver Plate Arch Mirror 01

1950s French sterling silver dressing-table mirror by Gustave Keller Freres, Paris

Code: MT900

Valerie Wade Mw620 Italian 1970S Circular Back Lit Wall Mirror 01

Italian 1970s circular back-lit wall mirror

Code: MW620

Valerie Wade Mt517 Striped Table Mirror Venini 01

1950s striped table mirror by Venini

Code: MT517

1940S Brass Table Mirror–01

1940s Italian brass table mirror

Code: MT722

Edwardian Table Mirror 01 Vw

Edwardian circa 1910 dressing-table/vanity mirror

Code: MT134

Large Triptych Standing Mirror 01

French 1930s free-standing triple mirror

Code: MF878

Valerie Wade Mw657 1970S Free Standing Mirror 01

1970s Italian free-standing mirror

Code: MW657

Green Barovier Wall Mirror 01

Italian Barovier e Toso wall mirror in soft green

Code: MW980

Valerie Wade Mw236 1950S French Rectangular Mirror 01

1950s American rectangular mirror

Code: MW236

Mirror Light

Late-1960s Italian wall mirror/light

Code: MW521

Cystal Arte Circular Mirror 01

Italian 1960s round scalloped wall mirror by Cristal Arte

Code: MW964

Albini Wicker Oval Mirror 01

Midcentury Italian wicker mirror in the style of Franco Albini, 1950s

Code: MW1061

Valerie Wade Lw097 1980S Italian Sunburst Mirror Light 01

1980s Italian sunburst mirror/light

Code: LW97

1950 Shaped Brass Mirror 01

Tall 1950s Italian Brass Wall Mirror

Code: MW726

Oval Filligree Mirror 01

1940s Italian brass oval table mirror

Code: MT832