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Extra Large Fulham Urns 19 0128 V1

Pair of Extra large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urns by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1290

Pair Of Dt Bowls 132 V1

Pair of American 1960s glass decorative bowls

Code: AMS1366

Cast Bronze Leaf Bowl 01

Bronze Kathal leaf bowl

Code: AV681

Blue Bowl 0048 V1

Anthony Stern signed art glass Egyptian blue bowl

Code: AMS1319

Blue Heart Vase 0129 V1

1960s Barovier e Toso Egyptian blue vase with red hearts

Code: AV1259

Murano Blue And Yellow Vase 01

Italian 1950s blue and yellow Murano globe vase

Code: AV1069

Italian Green Ball Dish 0354

American 1960s green glass dish

Code: AMS1181

Brass Leaf Bowl 01

Bronze layered 'Leaf' bowl

Code: AV1019

Brass ‘Vide Poche’ 20210427 Valerie Wade 4 0212 V1

Handmade brass 'vide poche'

Code: A805

1970S European Glazed Pottery Jar 01

Large red Vintage No. 286-42 Ceramic Vase from Scheurich, Germany 1970s

Code: AV1086

Schneider Bubble Vase 01

Mid-Century bubble vase by Charles Schneider

Code: AV1024

Two Murano Glass Heart Vases 01

Red Murano glass heart vases

Code: AV815

Valerie Wade Cast Bronze Leaf Small 01

Bronze teak leaf bowl

Code: AV685

Cranberry Jug 1 1004

Handsome Victorian cranberry glass jug, circa 1870

Code: AMV1160

Set Of 3 Leaf Bowls 01

Contemporary set of three bronze 'leaf' bowls

Code: A820

Vannes Vases 01

1950s crystal 'teardrop' vase by Vannes

Code: AV933

Marrow Jug00005

French 1950s ceramic figural fruit pitcher

Code: AMV1188

Fulham Pottery Urn 01

Extra large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1155

Fulham Urn Large0053 V1

Large Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1291

American Bonboniere 01

1950s American brass and glass flower bonbonniere dressing-table/vanity accessory

Code: AMS1074

Lime Green Vase00003

1950s pale green glazed Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1187

Glass Lidded Bowl 01

English 1950s glass flower bowl

Code: AV902

Fulham Urn 038 V1

Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1349

Tomato Jug00004

French 1950s ceramic figural fruit pitcher

Code: AMV1189

Glass Vase 1 2 3 4 1298 2

1960s Amber Whitefriars vase

Code: AMS1173

Glass Vase 1 1292

1960s tall green Whitefriars vase

Code: AMS1171

Large Green Vase 0144 V1

1950s Tall handblown green flower vase

Code: AV1261

Barovier And Toso Vases I

Pair of 1950s Italian vases by Barovier e Toso

Code: AV491

Italian Glass Vase I 1

1950s Italian blue/red vase by Toso

Code: AV169

1950S Green Yellow Murano Decanter 01

1950’s Italian Murano decanter in the style of Flavio Poli

Code: AMS1077

Long Palm Bowl 01 Vw

Long brass palm leaf bowl

Code: A778

Napoleon Hat Fulham Pottery 01

1950s Fulham Pottery 'Napoleon hat’ vase

Code: AV922

Large Jug 163 V1

1960s Glazed pitcher

Code: AV1212

Aubergine Jug00003

French 1950s ceramic figural fruit pitcher

Code: AMV1190

Red Glass Ice Bucket 0116 V1

1960s Italian ruby red glass ice bucket/vase

Code: AV1262

Mid Centruy Blue Murano Bowl 01

Mid-century Italian blue Murano bubble bowl

Code: AV1072

Three Silver Bowls 02

Three 1950s continental silver bowls

Code: AS1006

Apple Book Ends 223 V1

Pair of 1950s Italian Murano glass apple bookends / sculptures

Code: AMS1371

Fulham Urn Small

Small Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1293

Valerie Wade Italian Glass Bowl 03

Two glass 1930s 'Flower' Bowls by Seguso

Code: AV704

Fulham Pottery Urn Medium0049 V1

Medium Art Deco Fulham Pottery urn by Constance Spry

Code: AMV1292

Brass Cornucopia 01

American 1950s brass shell nautilus vase or planter

Code: AV1085

German Cut Glass Bowl 1930S Main 161115 161924

1930's German cut glass bowl with silver top

Code: AD632

Rene Nicole Vase 0031 V1

French Art Deco ceramic flower vase by René Nicole

Code: AV1210

Cranberry Jug 2 0983

Elegant cranberry glass jug circa 1880

Code: AMV1162

Vide Poche 01

1950s Italian glass 'vide poche'

Code: A835

Amber Glass Vase 01

1950s Italian Murano amber vase

Code: AV947

Dorothy Thorpe Vase –1

1960s US vase by Dorothy Thorpe

Code: AV718

Shell Bowl 01

1950s Italian shell bowl by Seguso

Code: AV942

Wave Glass Vase I

Contemporary "wave" vase

Code: AV609

Fulham Vase Blue Grey Main

1950s pale grey/blue Fulham Pottery vase

Code: A809

Polka Dot Vase –1

Italian 1960s polka dot vase

Code: AV725