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1950S American Lucite Dressing Table Gold Front 01

1950s American lucite dressing-table

Code: FD597

Marble Topped Dressing Table 01

1950s Italian marble and brass dressing-table

Code: FDT874

Deco Dressing Table 02

Rare 1960s Italian dressing-table

Code: FD961

Gentlemans Dt 01

1940s Italian gentleman's vanity/dressing stand

Code: FDT860

Italian Brass Dressing Table 01

1950s polka dot Italian dressing-table with triptych mirror

Code: FDT896

1930S Comte Oak Dressing Table I 1

Oak and iron dressing-table by Comte as an interpretation of Jean-Michel Frank's design

Code: FD682

Venice Dressing Table 1

'Venice' dressing-table / desk

Code: FD56

Sophia Dt 1

'Sophia' dressing-table

Code: FD55

Valerie Wade Fd0524 1950S Italian Dressing Table Fratelli De Capitani 01

1950s Italian dressing-table by Capitani

Code: FD524

Brass Dressing Table Main Image

1950s Italian 'polka dot' dressing-table

Code: FD825

Us Brass Desk And Stools 01

1970s US double desk/console/dressing-table with two stools

Code: FT949

Valerie Wade Fd645 Fruitwood Dressing Table I

1950s Italian dressing-table in the style Buffa

Code: FD645

Valerie Wade Fd336 Brass Polka Dot Dressing Table I

1950s Italian 'polka dot' dressing-table

Code: FD336

Bur Walnut Dressing Table 01 Vw

Large 1930s burr walnut dressing table

Code: FT785

Italian Dressing Table Oval Mirror 01

1950s Italian 'polka dot' dressing table

Code: FD1004

Wood Italian Dressing Table 01

1950s Italian cherrywood dressing-table

Code: FD938

Italian Dressing Table 01

Unusual 1950s Italian demi-lune sideboard/dressing-table

Code: FDT766

1930S Comte Mirrored Dt I 1

Mirrored dressing-table by Comte

Code: FD684

Italian Glass Chrome Dressing Table 01

Italian 1960s glass and chrome dressing table

Code: FDT861

Valerie Wade Fd670 1950S Italian Star Dressing Table 01

1950s Italian 'Star' dressing-table

Code: FD670

Valerie Wade Fd646 Italian Dressing Table I

1950s Italian dressing-table

Code: FD646

Brass Dressing Table And Stool 01 Vw

1950s French dressing-table and stool

Code: FD796

Brass Dressing Table Mirror Lights 01

1950s Italian brass dressing-table

Code: FDT869